Since Ⓒ 2003 GMA dba PEACE Clinic "Caring for the Sick with the touch of JESUS"

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Due to the COVID19 variant, we are closed until July 4, 2022.

Please try to wear mask to protect others. 

Warning to not to touch your mouth eyes or nose with your hands.

Always sanitize your hand promptly and constantly.

Keep yourself warm. Your body temperature warm.

If you had previous illness like cancer, need to drink cinnamon and ginger tea.


Welcome to Free Acupuncture!

God loves you my dear friend! We would love to show you how much God loves you by caring for you. It does not matter what religion, creed or ethnic background you have, God has made each of you wonderfully and uniquely in His image. And God wants you to be made well again according to how he designed you. Our doctors are professionally licensed and are here to restore your health back to how God wants it to be. If you are suffering from any sickness and want to be well again, please join us at the Free Acupuncture Clinic!
Hours of operation: We are closed until Covid19 is contained. 

Every Saturdays 9:00AM to 12PM

2660 W. Woodland Dr. Ste. 160 Anaheim, CA 92801

Call for appointment: 888-700-5751